​Brantford Over-35 Recreational Soccer

For fun, fitness and friendship

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Brantford Over-35 Recreational Soccer Club, formed in January 2106, is intended to foster fun fitness and friendship among soccer enthusiasts in Brantford.  We are the second Avatara (incarnation) of a “Recreational Soccer Club” in Brantford. Our roots date back to 1988 when George Campbell, Vic Faiella, Cliive Lee and John Routledge started the Brantford Over-35 Recreational Soccer League. George Campbell was the first President of the League. We had a humble beginning with four teams (sixty-four players) playing at D'Aubigny Creek Park (1988) and moved to Water Works Park (1991) followed by moves to Brantford Harlequin Rugby Football Field (1995) and Wifo Field in Paris (2005).  In the next twenty years, the League, not only immensely prospered financially, but also grew its membership into two divisions with ten teams in the Over-35 and four teams in the Masters’ (Over-50) Division. At the end of 2015 season, a significant number of players, mostly from the Masters’ Division, decided to form the new Brantford Over-35 Recreational Soccer Club which is transparent and accountable to its members. Article 4.3 in our constitution highlights our commitment to fiscal transparency and accountability.

Our Evolution

​Founding members of Brantford Over-35 Recreational Soccer League

​​Our mission  is to promote fun, fitness and friendship through recreational soccer.

Our membership  has eighty-two active players and thirteen social members. Sixty five percent of our members are over fifty years of age distributed among four teams.

Our home  is at George Jones Field at Brantford Harlequin Rugby Football Field. We have access to three soccer pitches and club house with kitchen, bar, meeting room and training room.  

Our promise  is to respect our member’s right to be heard.

Our Philosophy  is to maintain our competitive spirit in a recreational atmosphere. We do not keep scores and standing after the game.